IAAI International Conference – 2021

Innovation Aviation & Aerospace Industry cooperated with Thai Space Consortium - International Conference 2021 Astronomical and Aerospace Symposium June 2021, 28th – 30th at Princess Sirindhorn AstroPark, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Instructions for Authors


Submissions should be done by the authors online by registering with sciforum, and using the Start New Submission function once logged into system.

  • Scholars interested in participating with the conference can submit their abstract (about 200-250 words covering the areas of manuscripts for the proceedings issue) online on the website until 30th January 2021 15th February 2021
  • The Conference Committee will pre-evaluate, based on the submitted abstract, whether a contribution from the authors of the abstract will be welcome for the conference. All authors will be notified by 28th February 2021 about the acceptance of their abstract.
  • If the abstract is accepted for this conference, the author is asked to submit the manuscript(about 3-4 pages), optionally along with a PowerPoint and/or video presentation of his/her paper (only PDF), until the submission deadline of 28th March 2021 25th May 2021.
  • After the conference, the Conference Committee will select papers that may be included for publication in the special issue of the three Journals: Aerospace,
  • Paper Proceedings

    Manuscripts for the proceedings must be organized accordingly:
    - Title
    - Full author names
    - Affiliations (including full postal address) and authors' e-mail addresses
    - Abstract
    - Keywords
    - Introduction
    - Methods
    - Results and Discussion
    - Conclusions
    - (Acknowledgements)
    - References
    Manuscripts should be prepared in MS Word or any other word processor and should be converted to the PDF format before submission. The publication format will be PDF. The manuscript should count at least 3 pages (including figures, tables and references). There is no page limit, although authors are asked to keep their papers as concise as possible.

    Slide Presentations

    Authors are encouraged to prepare a presentation in PowerPoint or similar software, to be displayed online along with the Manuscript. Slides, if available, will be displayed directly on the website using Sciforum.net's proprietary slides viewer. Slides can be prepared in exactly the same way as for any traditional conference where research results can be presented. Slides should be converted to PDF format before submission so they can be easily and automatically converted for online display.

    Video Presentations

    Besides their active participation within the forum, authors are also encouraged to submit video presentations. If you are interested in submitting, please contact the conference organizer at iaai2021.asia@gmail.com for more information.

    Accepted File Formats

    MS Word: Manuscripts prepared in MS Word must be converted into a single file before submission. When preparing manuscripts in MS Word, the 2nd IAAI International Conference – 2021 Microsoft Word template file (see download below) must be used. Please do not insert any graphics (schemes, figures, etc.) into a movable frame which can superimpose the text and make the layout very difficult.
    LaTeX: Manuscripts prepared in LaTeX must be collated into one ZIP folder (include all source files and images, so that the Conference Secretariat can recompile the submitted PDF). When preparing manuscripts in LaTeX, please use the 2nd IAAI International Conference – 2021 LaTeX template files.

    TThe 2nd IAAI International Conference – 2021 Microsoft Word template file and LaTex template file

    Manuscript Preparation

    Paper Format: A4 paper format, the printing area is 17.5 cm x 26.2 cm. The margins should be 1.75 cm on each side. (top, bottom, left, and right).
    Paper Length: The manuscript should not be longer than 4 pages and should be as concise as possible.
    Format / Style: The paper style of the journal proceedings should be followed. You may download the template file to prepare your paper (see above). The full titles and the cited papers must be given. Reference numbers should be placed in square brackets [ ], and placed before the punctuation; for example [4] or [1-3], and all the references should be listed separately and as the last section at the end of the manuscript.
    Authors’ List and Affiliation Format: Authors' full first and last names must be given. Abbreviated middle name can be added. For papers written by various contributors, a correspondence representative must be designated. The PubMed/MEDLINE format is used for affiliations: complete street address information including city, zip code, state/province, country, and email address should be added. All authors who contributed significantly to the manuscript (including writing a section) should be listed on the first page of the manuscript, below the title of the article. Other parties, who provided only minor contributions, should be listed under Acknowledgments only. A minor contribution might be a discussion with the author, reading through the draft of the manuscript, or performing English corrections.
    Figures, Schemes and Tables:Authors are encouraged to prepare figures and schemes in color. Full color graphics will be published free of charge. Figure and schemes must be numbered (Figure 1, Scheme I, Figure 2, Scheme II, etc.) and a explanatory title must be added. Tables should be inserted into the main text, and numbers and titles for all tables supplied. All table columns should have an explanatory heading. Please supply legends for all figures, schemes and tables. The legends should be prepared as a separate paragraph of the main text and placed in the main text before a table, a figure or a scheme.

    Potential Conflicts of Interest

    It is the authors' responsibility to identify and declare any personal circumstances or interests that may be perceived as representation or interpretation biases in connection with the research. If there is no conflict, please state, "The authors declare no conflict of interest." This should be conveyed in a separate "Conflict of Interest" statement preceding the "Acknowledgments" and "References" sections at the end of the manuscript. Financial support for the study must be fully disclosed under the "Acknowledgments" section.